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Kay Kohler



Cell: 904-9103


My name is Kay Kohler, President of

the RCGVS Board.  I have lived in 
Green Valley almost seven years, moving 
here right after I retired after 25 years 
as an OB/GYN in Wyoming.  I have been 
a Republican almost all of my life, and 
admire the principles of Conservatism 
that the Republican Party espouses.  Until 
moving here I was never politically active, 
except to vote in every election, but 
the current situation in our country has 
inspired me to do all I can to return our 
country to its previous prestige and glory.

I am involved in the Tea Party and want to 
restore our USA to the hands of the 


Vice President

Dick Newman


Cell: 520-399-3550


1st Vice President of the Green Valley Chapter of MOAA (Military Officers Association of America)
Republican Precinct Committeeman Precinct #205
Director - Green Valley Water District for the last 8 years and up for re-election to another 4 year term.
Other relevant experience:
Technical Advisor to the Citizen's Commission on Budgets - Kansas City, MO. 2 years Consultant to U.S. Army Aviation Systems Command - St Louis, MO. 6 years




Jim Stone



I was brought up in the Chicago area. College took me to Wisconsin and then Colorado. For the majority of my career, I owned a manufacturer' rep agency specializing in industrial safety. During this period of time, I lived in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.

In 2007, I sold my business and my wife and I moved to Green Valley. I am again active in the safety industry and my wife works for a local property management company.

I must credit President Reagan with sharpening my interest in politics. During the Bush Cheney years, I was very active in politics at the national level. I was a marshal for their campaign. The National Republican Congressional Committee presented me with multiple "Businessman of the Year" awards. In 2004, The Republican National Committee named me a life member.

It has been very enjoyable working with the members of RCGVS. We certainly have important work to do in the future and I look forward to it.



Joey Zimmerman



I voted Republican when I was 18 years old during the Carter years and have remained a conservative since then. .  My immediate family was Republican, but my grandparents were Democrats. The arguments about politics were as expected.  As a registered nurse, I have had many opportunities to display my leadership ability. I will be the Treasurer for RCGVS for 2011-2014.



Pris Junggren




I am a native Tucsonan, graduated from Tucson High School in 1961, but have lived in Colorado, the Philippines and North Carolina. I attended Tucson Beauty College and have worked as a Hairstylist most of my life. My parents were “old style Democrats”, but my friends’ points of view always made more sense to me.  After 9-11, I realized I needed to know more about what’s happening in the world. My strong feelings of conservatism make me want to keep America free. I want to do whatever I can to keep good conservatives in office. I am active in RCGVS, having been the Membership Chairperson. I also served two years as Vice-president of the women’s club SPARCL in Green Valley.








Vinnie Schweda




When I was 8 years old, my family immi--
grated to the U.S. from Italy. We settled in
Chicago, where my father worked two jobs
and my Mom also worked in order to buy a
home. We lived 5 people in a 3 room base-
ment apartment. My parents were Republi-
cans so I’ve been a Republican all my life.
My husband and I moved to GV in 2000, our
son was offered and accepted a scholarship to UofA . I have been associated with the
Tea Party movement and RCGVS in GV for
many years. I believe in the Constitution and what it stands for. We need to change this country around. I am a very proud American.









Connie Beuerlein




I moved from Virginia and became an empty nester leaving my three grown children behind. I decided to get involved in my community.  A friend acquainted me with several Republican clubs in the area. I have been active for eight years. A Precinct Committeeman for six years.  My husband retired from Raytheon, he had been  a Precinct Committeeman for a couple of years. Last year he was elected as 2nd Vice Chair of the Pima GOP.  He was in charge of fundraising for Pima GOP.  So that meant I was helping him with fundraising. Previously I had been active with the AZ Federation of Republican Women for seven years, two of those years was as their webmaster.  I am starting my fourth year as RCGVS webmaster, starting my third year as your newsletter editor.  I have also been a photographer for your club for the ribbon cutting ceremony when the Republican office was established in Green Valley.  I have a small business that also keeps me busy.  I feel like we all need to be involved with politics, what is happening with our community, state and government.  Each one of us make a difference, so make a commitment and get involved!








Tom Purdon




He is a Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Arizona Medical Center and Gyn consultant for the United Community Health Centers of southern Arizona. He is a past-president of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

He is currently President of The Friends of Madera Canyon and is a board member of Save the Scenic Santa Ritas. He was the Health and Public Safety sub-committee facilitator for the coalition task force that analyzed, addressed, and filed comments to the US Forest Service for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Rosemont Mine project.
He is president of his HOA, Madera Foothills Estates, and sits on the Green Valley Council as a representative. Currently he is the sub-committee chair for Air on the GVC Environmental Committee.
He is an active member of Valley Presbyterian Church and currently is on the Finance Committee, and is President of their Foundation. He is Co-Chair of their Medical Team.

Other community activities include being on the Advisory Committee for Casa at La Posada, formerly known as Casa De Esperanza. Prior to the merge with La Posada, he was on the Board of Directors of Casa.

Tom and his wife Kathryn have live in Arizona for 25 years and Green Valley for the past 11 years. He is a proud ‘conservative ‘Republican.






Thomas E. Ward


Cell: 520-248-2441 

Tom Ward moved to Green Valley from Illinois in 2003, where he has continued his interest in community affairs. Mr. Ward is a former First Vice President of the Green Valley Community Coordinating Council (GVCCC). He is a past chairman of the GVCCC Planning and Zoning Commission. A current member of the Green Valley Community Plan Implementation Steering Committee. 

In 2010, he was elected a director of the RVGVS and became president of the Pima County Public Libary Advisory Board. 

Mr. Ward is Special Assistant to Supervisor Carroll serving 4th District constituents in the Green Valley area.






Jack Howard





Political Philosophy - I was born and raised a Democrat, but have never voted for one. I became active before the 1972 elections and became hyperactive during the Reagan Revolution.

When I came to Washington in 1965, it was a heavily Republican state.  By 1986, a vicious feud between the liberal and con-servative wings turned the state into what we now know as "The Peoples Republic of Washington". My job is to help elect Republicans, not to fight intra-party wars. I think it is mainly true that a liberal Republican elected official is better than any Democrat. If we're going to fight political wars, let it be with Democrats.


Billie Morton




I have been a Republican all my adult life, but it was not until Obama was elected to the presidency, that I became an “active” Republican. It was then at Pris Junggren’s invitation, that I started attending meetings of the Tea Party and RCGVS. I and many others in the U.S. need to wake up and realize in which direction this country is headed. These two clubs have made me a better informed voter, as well as being more able to inform others.




Carr McGee




Carr's family owned/operated a trading post in Bitter Weed, AZ. As an 18 year old, he took over management of the family trading post. Carr has lived in Farmington, NM and Flagstaff where he operated "The Gap" Trading Post. Carr considers his most stellar accomplishment as being the father of seven Republican and the Grandfather of Twenty-seven future Republicans!!


Emeritus Board Member

Ruth Lund


I was first elected a precinct committeewoman in 1946 in Wheaton, IL. I served as V-President and Chairwoman and Vice Chairman of clubs I have been affiliated with. I ran for State Committeewomen in the 80’s, won and served three terms.

My husband and I moved to Green Valley in the 80’s,and were active in the Republican Party. I served as a Precinct committee women until four years ago.

Indeed, it has been a privilege to serve through the years. If it weren’t for my age (96), I would continue to serve as a precinct committee person. My position on the RCGVS board meets my political needs.





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